Sunday, June 19, 2016

How to Build Community

I found this postcard on one of the blogs I follow, Postcards in the Air.  Martha received it from Canada, and I sourced it at Still Eagle, in my home province of British Columbia, Canada.
I've been thinking about community a lot lately.  I do many of the things on this list regularly - I walk, shop, and worship in my neighbourhood.  People on the street often look at me strangely when I greet them - Vancouver is not known to be one of Canada's friendliest cities.  Listening to the birds is one of my favorite things, and a few days ago I rescued three pre-school children from a second storey roof, but that's another story.
But I always think that I could do more.
Special thanks to Janice who encouraged me to keep going with this blog.  "Of course I'll expect you to post every day," she went on to say.  "From your lips to God's ears," I responded, and then today I found this postcard.
Who knows what's next?

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  1. I enlarged this and printed it out. Lots of good ideas to keep in mind. Now, if you so much as smiled at a man in France, you would be hounded, followed, offered champagne. Must keep a straight face when walking in France.