Friday, January 20, 2017

Put Your Own Mask On Before Helping the Person Beside You

For better or for worse, Donald Trump has just been inaugurated as President of the USA.  I say better, not because I don't believe that by many objective measures the country isn't better off now than when Obama took office, but better because I wish him and our closest neighbours well.

Throughout Trump's speech, I was reminded of the airline's instructions to "Put your own mask on before helping the person beside you."  Donald Trump sincerely believes that America needs to help itself for awhile.  He doesn't think that the USA is the "shining city on the hill" any more.  There are too many people living in poverty, there is too much crime and drugs, too much fear of terrorism.

Once again I am reminded of Brexit.  The people who are struggling voted for change.  I hope with all my heart, that in four years these struggling people are living a better life and that America is feeling that it can once again look outward instead of inward.

I am also thanking God that I live in a country where most of the citizens feel that they have enough to share with their neighbours from outside.  We feel like our mask is securely on and that we can help the person beside us.

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